A Scandinavian touch of the East

In this blog post, interior- and flower stylist Krista Elvheim gives us a personal tour of her Norwegian home, inspired by the burnt and warm colours of Morocco.

On my many trips to Morocco, the "colour well" is always satisfied and saturated with the most delicious burnt tones. When the choice of paint in the latest renovation project I did during Covid and lockdown was to be decided, the choice became easy when I discovered the burnt tones in the KC14-series from the wonderful colour chart from DETALE CPH. I was sold.

The structure and the highly aesthetic surface of the KC14 plaster quickly took me back to my favourite country for colour inspiration when I was putting together the palette for the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Living room - KC14 Mustard
Kitchen - KC14 Warm Teracotta 
Bathroom - KC14 Burgundy

Working with burnt and warm palettes is exciting, but the secret often lies in the contrasts between the colours. Dare to feel whether the colours match and give you a good feeling. It’s important to always use your heart and not your head when choosing colours for your home. One should, after all, thrive in all rooms. I like that each room gives me a different kind of feeling. 

The cold lavender and purple tones are wonderful contrasts to both the KC14 Mustard in the living room and the KC14 Warm Teracotta in the kitchen. It is exciting to play with warm and cold colours in contrast and colour palettes. For the ceiling of the living room and kitchen, I scanned swatches and looked through the NCS colour fan to find the right tones. This is a good tip when it comes to painting the ceiling in matte paint that can add a little detail. 

I chose two colours with these NCS codes for the two different rooms: 
KC14 Mustard / NCS S 2020-Y20R Dekso Ultra matte- Flügger
KC14 Warm Terracotta / NCS S 3030- Y40R Dekso Ultra matte- Flügger

When we have guests visiting, the bathroom is always a "trending topic". We often hear surprising sighs when the door opens, and they discover the small burgundy cave behind the door. The colour is KC14 Burgundy, and the walls are roughly plastered to get the right look, which we wanted. With tone-in-tone, handmade tiles, and black and white floor tiles, also from Morocco, the expression became a bit subdued and withdrawn. Many say that the kitchen is the heart of the house, but in our case, it has become the bathroom.