The Danish Room

CASA DÉCOR is the most prestigious design event in Spain and DETALE was one of the high-end Danish brands showcased on Goya Street in Madrid in spring 2022 when Casa Décor had its 30th Anniversary. During this, KABRIC in the colour Flax was setting the tone in the Danish room in the Salamanca district, a well-known luxury area in Madrid.

The Danish Room at CASA DÉCOR featured a Living Space reflecting the Danish living and design style and will be a showcase of the state of the art in high-end design and innovation. A curated selection of well-known brands and small emerging brands gave a fresh, innovative, and high-quality design, and the beautiful and light colour Flax from our KABRIC series created a perfect frame for this purpose.

“Surrounded by dusty pink walls from DETALE with moulded corners to adopt rounded shapes, avoiding vertices and edges, the space invites you to enter and generates a welcoming atmosphere.”

Siger: Enrico Navazo

The Danish Room, 2022, was designed by one of the most relevant interior designers in Spain, Erico Navazo, and Liveability and Sustainability were the leading flags to assemble the brands. To celebrate conscious design, KABRIC was a great match, as this product is not only creating lively and textured finishes but is also granted the Nordic Swan eco-label, to lead by example.

"My intention has been to create a contemporary and timeless, up-to-date and welcoming environment that pays homage to the classics of Danish design, combining craftsmanship, technology, distant cultures and architecture,"

Siger: Enrico Navazo