Maison du Danemark

On the most iconic Parisian avenue Champs-Elysees, just down from Arc de Triomphe is La Maison du Danemark, The House of Denmark. The House of Denmark offers a unique possibility to showcase Danish capability and talent on the international scene present in Paris. Because of this, it was important to incorporate Danish design and trademarks into the interior designing of the two individual restaurants– Flora Danica and Copenhague. When the two restaurants of this prestigious house were set to be renovated, the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi were ready to create spaces in perfect unison of Parisian extravagant aesthetics and Danish minimalism. 

In both restaurants, you will find design furniture and lighting from characteristic and iconic Danish design brands such as GUBI, Louis Poulsen, Carl Hansen, Lightyears and Brdr. Petersen. A mix of classic and contemporary pieces.  The name 'Flora Danica' originates from the classic dinnerware of the same name, one of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious porcelain collections. To this date, after 230 years of existence, Flora Danica is still an important piece of Danish history.

KC14 Concrete, KC14 Royal Velvet

The two restaurants –Flora Danica and Copenhague– are both housed within La Maison Du Danemark, communicating two different personalities and fusing elements of the past and present.

KC14 Concrete

For the two restaurants at La Maison du Danemark GamFratesi had different visions. Whereas the 'Flora Danica' brasserie would exploit the abundance of natural light in creating a light and open space, with natural vibes, the restaurant 'Copenhague' was designed with darker and more intense colours and textures

KC14 Concrete

For the light and comfy vibe at the Flora Danica brasserie, KC14 in the colour Concrete was used, for light grey surroundings with a velvety look and feel to it. In collaboration with the Danish design house GUBI, the two designers behind GamFratesi developed brand new items, including the TS Dining Table. In perfect line with the name of the restaurant – Flora Danica, the traditional Flora Danica drawings decorate large wall areas. Therefore, the clean and minimalist shade of Concrete was the perfect way to create a neutral contrast to the classically inspired space, yet still adding texture and life to the walls. 

KC14 Royal Velvet

In the Copenhague restaurant, KC14’s Royal Velvet was used to create the desired intensity and texture. A space with room for deep conversation and appreciation for the food. Royal Velvet has a slightly dusty feel to it, helping to create an intense dining experience in an up-to-date "Parisian expression meets Scandinavian aesthetics"-style.

KC14 Royal Velvet