The Manzoni

by Tom Dixon

The Manzoni is more than a restaurant. It’s an experimental space, a theatrical backdrop for the best of Italian food and British design expressed in a restaurant, showroom and shop.

At this high-end restaurant and showroom by world-famous designer Tom Dixon, diners can shop while seated at their table. The Milan restaurant functions as a showroom for Tom Dixon while doubling as the designer’s European headquarter. Whatever one might see in this restaurant is available for purchase, whether it be chairs, table settings, glassware or even candle holders. In creating this experience, you can see everything in a live setting, being able to experience it rather than just seeing the items on a shelf.

For the surroundings framing the entire space, KC14 in the colour Concrete was used on walls throughout the restaurant and bathroom. A colour that leaves room for the design pieces to shine, while still adding appealing and interesting surroundings, perfectly suited for this high-end space.

The monochrome bathroom features different shades and textures in greys. Creating a sharp contrast to the organic shapes and expressions of these greys is brass fittings and details. Even in the unisex bathroom, you will find purchasable items in the different light fixtures and lamps

For the walls and ceiling covered in KC14 Concrete, a matte varnish was added atop the Topcoat for durability and matte look. It was important when the varnish was added only in the bathroom, that the look was coherent with that of all the other spaces, where only topcoat was applied, no varnish.