Baret Berlin

The cool restaurant and casual fine dining hotspot, located on the roof of the reconstructed Berlin Palace.

Between heaven and earth, with a spacious roof terrace and a breathtaking view of all the sights of Berlin, the restaurant Baret opened in October 2021, for the public and especially food lovers.

A place with enormous history in the city centre of Berlin, welcoming today’s generations and at the same time staying true to the unique surfaces from another era. It was evidently called for well-considered, quality interior surfaces. With this in mind, KC14 and KABRIC were chosen by interior designer Joscha Brose.

The aesthetics of both KC14 and KABRIC create beautiful, natural and tactile walls with lots of personality, yet pure and calm to hold space for an inexplicable and undefined environment. To obtain the perfect finish for the Baret identity four colours were mixed: Chalk Board, Hunter’s Forest, Lava and Dark Soil of the KC14 plaster. KABRIC in the colour Coal was also applied to the ceiling beams.

The Baret restaurant is named after botanist Jeanne Baret, the first woman to complete a global voyage of circumnavigation by sea, disguised as a man. The interior concept is a tribute to curiosity, fascination and the courage that always drives us to set out and discover the unknown.