Monochromatic environments

Decorating a room or a home with shades of one main colour is a popular trend in interior design, and we understand why. When you decorate with a monochromatic colour scheme, you take one basic colour and apply colour theory to create a range of variations through tones, shades, and textures. Monochromatic means ‘one colour’, however, a monochrome look isn’t restricted to greys, blacks, and whites only.

Creating the perfect monochrome look can be challenging, as a room can very quickly feel uninspiring and overwhelming. When done well, the room should take advantage of the tones perfectly put together and texture should be added for visual interest.

The variation of texture keeps the main colour from falling flat. That’s why KABRIC or KC14 are very good alternatives when you want to obtain this kind of uniform look. A good tip might be to use the more calming and softer shades on larger surfaces like walls and ceilings, and brighter tones for smaller pieces that you want to stand out.

Choosing one colour can bring harmony and a relaxing feeling to a room, no matter what colour scheme you choose. If you are looking to highlight an aspect like art or a statement piece of furniture, a monochromatic interior design might be an excellent choice. That way the parts of the room you want to be noticed will draw attention naturally. 

@fluggerofficial have developed the KC14 and KABRIC colours, in a matte paint, suitable for wood. A matching colour for panels, doors and other objects, will create a playful and relaxing value to a successful monochromatic environment.