Restaurant Alchemist

Pleasing to all senses, the three-story restaurant’s interior design allows for an entirely new style of dining, which is an adventure beyond words.

The interior at Alchemist is contemporary with a high focus on aesthetics, art and technology. Far away from the colour palette and the interior styles that characterize a traditional restaurant, your senses will be exposed to unreal installations, such as an indoor rendition of the aurora borealis, NYC-graffiti and distinctive light & sounds. Extraordinary is an understatement, when talking about what guests see, passing through several rooms during the sensory dining experience. The colours Lava and Cold Steel are perfectly fitted to affirm this mystic adventure, where the story is yours and the result can never be the same twice.

KC14 walls are the first and last 'scenes' of the dining tour. The fluctuation of nature is at the core of DETALE's products, which adds to the transition between entering and leaving the warehouse. The walls create a fitted frame for the beginning and the end of this unconventional voyage beyond remarkable. The Alchemist wakes up memories you didn't know you had, and stirs up emotional responses, plate by plate. Drawing upon personal as well as common historical and cultural recollections,  every room tells a story.

The Alchemist was awarded two Michelin stars in less than a year after the restaurant’s opening. Currently, they are raising silkworms to produce edible silk and testing bioluminescent algae to make a dish glow naturally. The story continues...