Villa Saborello, a dream project in Piedmont 

By Trine Lien 

With an amazing view, overlooking the Alps in the east and the Genoa mountains in the south, Trine and Terje fell in love with this classic house located in Piedmont, in northern part of Italy. With a secluded location and a historic building with peeled facing, the couple was motivated to move in and get to work. They have brought their personal touch to the place and created a beautiful place for bringing family and friends together. 


We wanted to give the house a modern touch, yet keeping classical and original details, while creating a personal space that shows who we are.  

Siger: Trine Lien

We found DETALE CPH while searching for products that matched our vision. Immediately we realized that it was possible to create something unique, and at the same time, uphold the original characteristics of the house with these products. 

Siger: Trine Lien
KABRIC Dusty Dawn and KABRIC Hazel | KABRIC Flax, KABRIC Hazel and KABRIC Floor Pale Beach

We worked with three different product series: KABRIC, KC14 and KABRIC Floor. The different textures of the products are exciting, and although the application takes a while, the finishes are delicate and with great associations to the original time of the house. 

Siger: Trine Lien
KC14 Dark Plum

The products from DETALE CPH create unique surfaces with a characteristic texture. The Scandinavian colours complement the house and create a feeling of harmony where each room is connected naturally. The products of DETALE CPH are undoubtedly made for a house like this.  

Siger: Trine Lien