IKEA hacks with KABRIC

In this blog post, we present a few examples of how you can work with KABRIC and create unique interior solutions in an economically responsible and easy way. 

Creative DIY-people have long been designing their own furniture and interior objects using standard products from IKEA or similar interior stores. These projects are shared on social media as inspiration and guides on how to create your own projects.  

IKEA Malm | KABRIC Cool Cocoa

Functionality and price often determine our choice of furniture, but they don't always align with the unique solutions or aesthetic touches we want in our homes. With our decorative paint, KABRIC, you can change colors and create textures on surfaces and furniture to give them an extra lift and personality. Read more about the application of KABRIC on furniture here.  

IKEA Ivar | KABRIC Cool Cocoa

In recent years, new business models have been developed to reduce the carbon footprint of furniture companies. It's not just about shortening the production process and upcycling finished furniture, but more so about being able to match customers' needs for unique solutions and personal choices. This is precisely why the use of our Eco-labeled paint, KABRIC, can be a great way to play with aesthetics and expressions, thereby breathing new life into existing designs or creating something entirely new. 

IKEA Nordli | KABRIC Silver Fox

Exciting combinations of products, originally intended for a different purpose, can create innovative and creative interior solutions, when put together. Below, a glass primer was sprayed on a plate and a cup before applying KABRIC Mulberry to create a decorative candle holder.  

KABRIC Mulberry

With a flowerpot, a turntable, and an armrest tray, you can easily and affordably design your own personalized table. From our KABRIC Floor series, you can choose from three types of varnish suitable for furniture projects. Learn more about DETALE Strongcoats here. Prepare primer, KABRIC Denim, and Strongcoat Matt have been used to create the table below.