Furniture design and KABRIC

Offering your clients something different by personalising their interior choices is key to a long-lasting relationship. Whether you build wardrobes and tables yourself or you would like to add something unique to what already exists, the KABRIC texture and colours provide new prospects to bring something distinctive to an interior project.

KABRIC is an innovative hybrid, combining the functional characteristics of paint with the visual characteristics of a filler. This means short drying times and application is done by using either paintbrush, roller, or filling knife. Choose the tool that matches the shape of your furniture and the finish you would like to create.

KABRIC is a texture paint, which is an excellent way to achieve cohesion and consistency in a space by obtaining the same finish on walls and furniture. Application on walls and furniture is different, but the result is the same.

Depending on the material you are working with, an adhesive foundation is key. Make sure to clean, sand and prime the furniture before applying KABRIC, as you would with regular paint. A Varnish is recommended to protect the surface from scratches and stains. Depending on how much traffic the furniture will be exposed to and what level of shine is desired, our 3 Strongcoats from the KABRIC Floor series are well-suited.

Working with interior projects requires constant amendments and efforts, to have vision and expectations being met. Different spaces have different materials to consider, and we are always happy to assist in this process. Having the know-how already in the design phase makes all the difference, both regarding budgets and positive dialogue with your clients. Contact us at hello@detalecph.com and book an online session – we are happy to share ideas and advice.