DETALE surface treatments 

DETALE is known for combining high aesthetics, user-friendliness, and durability. Tactile and beautiful finishes are often associated with decor products. However, protecting your surfaces with extra treatment allows for better maintenance and stronger resistance to wear and tear. 

At DETALE we have developed surface treatments to match our products without compromising on aesthetics.  

DETALE Topcoat  

DETALE Topcoat is specially developed for KC14, our soft and tactile plaster, and creates a dust-repellent surface. The topcoat is not to be compared to varnish as such, as this Topcoat is designed to be absorbed into the surface and bring out the unique KC14-finish. For this reason, we recommend Topcoat only for KC14 and not for other products.  

The Topcoat is part of the KC14-set and is included when you purchase KC14. When applying Topcoat, we recommend using a microfibre cloth and working the Topcoat into the surface to create the characteristic finish. If extra protection is needed, we recommend applying an additional Strongcoat after the Topcoat has dried. Have a look at the application video here

DETALE Strongcoats

As floors require more protection than walls, we have developed a series of three varnishes named Strongcoats, with reference to the extra durability they provide.  

There are three different Strongcoats to choose between. 

  • Strongcoat Silk for a silk-matte finish 

  • Strongcoat Matt for a semi matte finish 

  • Strongcoat Extra for an ultra-matte finish

All three Strongcoats are also good for additional protection on walls if needed. If you have a KC14 wall, make sure to apply the accompanying Topcoat as described in the guide, before applying a Strongcoat. This is to ensure the unique KC14 effect, which the Topcoat helps bring out. 

All Strongcoats are well-suited for protecting your KABRIC furniture as well. Whether you need to seal a KABRIC table from tomato sauce and red wine, a DIY vase, or an art piece to hang on the wall. Have a look at the DIY guide on how to apply KABRIC to furniture at the bottom of this page.  

Strongcoat Matt and Strongcoat Silk are ready-to-use varnishes, whereas Strongcoat Extra is a 2-component varnish, consisting of a base and a hardener to mix. “Extra” refers to the ultra-matte finish it gives.