Can anyone apply KABRIC?

KABRIC is developed as a do-it-yourself product, and you do not need any experience or to be professional to create your own KABRIC-surface. When purchasing DETALE products, a detailed user guide is enclosed which we recommend you read through, before you start the process. You can choose to apply KABRIC using a paintbrush or a filling knife.

How many square meters does KABRIC cover?

KABRIC comes in 10L buckets that cover 8-10 finished square meters (including 2 layers) and 3L buckets that cover 3-4 finished square meters (including 2 layers).

How long does it take to finish one wall with KABRIC?

Due to few processes and short drying times, a KABRIC surface can be done in one day. The time it takes to apply the layers depends on your experience and technique, as well as the number of square meters you need to cover.

Does a KABRIC wall require Topcoat or other surface treatment?

Topcoat or our Strongcoat varnishes can be chosen additionally and is not included when you purchase KABRIC. For most walls, it will not be necessary, but if KABRIC is applied to a wall exposed to great wear and tear, it can be an advantage. Due to the risk of stains behind a stove, we recommend using our varnish Strongcoat Matt/Silk or the 2-component Strongcoat Extra, depending on your needs. If you are applying KABRIC to another creative DIY project, such as furniture, we recommend one of our Strongcoats or a similar varnish for mineral surfaces as well.

Can KABRIC be refitted and mended?

Trying to cover up scratches on already finished areas will always be visible to some extent. Therefore, we recommend you avoid reconstructing areas on your KABRIC wall or surface. Superficial scratches can often be removed by gently wiping the area with a moist cloth.


If you have leftover KABRIC, store it in a plastic bag to keep oxygen from entering. Make sure that storage conditions are cool but never below 0 degrees Celsius. That way you have some extra for future repairs or projects if needed.

How can KABRIC be maintained?

Due to the lively finish, KABRIC surfaces are easy to maintain. A KABRIC surface can be cleaned equivalent to paint with shine 5. If you prefer a surface with more durability, Strongcoat Matt/Silk varnish can be purchased additionally. This is also recommended if your wall is exposed to great wear and tear or requires frequent cleaning. Varnish is always recommended when KABRIC is applied on surfaces such as furniture.

Is KABRIC eco-labelled?

KABRIC has the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official Nordic Ecolabel, ensuring sustainable procurement and high quality for your surfaces. Apart from being an ecolabel, criteria for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel also include quality requirements, ensuring a sustainable product, while the quality and durability of the product live up to high standards. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the toughest and most recognized environmental certifications and builds upon an assessment of the entire life cycle of a product, from the use of raw materials to production, packaging, and recycling.

What is the difference between KC14 and KABRIC?

KC14 is a coloured filler while KABRIC is a decorative texture paint. Both products are decor products for walls, but the preparation work, the application process and the finishing result are different from each other. We, therefore, recommend that you learn about the different structures and application techniques the three different products have, before purchasing. KABRIC is also suited for other surfaces, such as furniture.


Where can KABRIC be applied?

KABRIC is developed for interior walls and ceilings, not in direct contact with water. We do not recommend KABRIC behind a stove without supplementary treatment, due to the risk of stains.

The surface on which KABRIC is to be applied must be smooth, dry, and sustainable. An irregular surface must be evened out with a suitable filler and absorbent surfaces must be primed. KABRIC can be applied directly onto plaster, felt and even painted surfaces if the surface is equally absorbent. KABRIC can also be used for DIY furniture as described below.

KABRIC can be applied directly to glass fibre, but a cheaper and more effective solution is to cover it with a filler and prime the surface before KABRIC is applied. We advise that wallpaper is removed. However, in many cases where the wallpaper is properly attached to the wall, KABRIC can be applied on wallpaper as well. You can find our video on the application process here. To watch our video for the application on ingrained wallpaper here.

Can KABRIC be applied on furniture?

Yes, KABRIC can be applied on furniture, but it requires a protective surface that can withstand repeated contact with people and objects. After applying KABRIC, we recommend that the surface is sanded soft and smooth and that a Strongcoat varnish is applied. The surface, just like for walls, must be smooth, sustainable, dry, and equally absorbent. Depending on what material your furniture is made of, we recommend that you sand the object well and that you apply a suited primer to optimize adhesion.

Can KABRIC be applied in basements?

Due to the risk of humidity, we do not recommend DETALE-products in basements. Our products are not adequately vapour-permeable, for this purpose.

Can a KABRIC surface be repainted?

Yes! If you wish to renew the look of your wall, you can easily change an existing KABRIC surface. Whether you would like to i.e., paint or apply felt, you only have to sand the surface with coarse sandpaper and apply a suitable primer before you start your renovation.


How do I purchase DETALE products?

Our products can be purchased directly here on our website. If your country is not available in the list of countries at check-out, please feel free to contact us at hello@detalecph.com.

If you are a company and wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact us directly via email at hello@detalecph.com.

If you would like advice on colours and textures for a specific project, you are welcome to contact us via email and our social media channels.

Where to see the colours and get samples?

Handmade sample swatches are available here on our website as single A6 swatches, A4 folders and full collection kits. Single colour swatches can be selected on the respective colours’ product pages. We have also collected all our folders and collection kits here.

How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time can vary depending on quantities and shipping time to your destination. You will receive an email with an estimated time for delivery and a tracking number when your order is ready for shipping.