KABRIC guide with paint brush

Step 1

Set up tape around the desired area to cover. Apply KABRIC on the entire wall in one go, without pausing. KABRIC is applied with a paintbrush, with asymmetrical lines before the product is pulled out and painted over with a paintbrush. The method is repeated until the whole area is overlaid with a thin, covering layer. Make sure to have enough KABRIC on the paintbrush, so you can easily measure out the product on the wall and make sure to avoid rolling paint onto large areas at the time, so you always work “wet-in-wet”.

Step 2

If transitions are noticeable, sand these away before the second layer of KABRIC is applied. Apply the second layer to the wall again, using the same method and technique. The thinner the second layer is, the livelier the expression and finish will become. Try to avoid making knobs and sharp edges. Remove the tape before KABRIC dries and allow the wall to dry until the next day before Topcoat is applied, or shelves and pictures are to go up in the wall.

Tip: The finish depends on the way you apply KABRIC to the wall. Avoid applying in straight lines, but paint with smooth and soft curves.