Creative dining table

By Nanna Foyn Berg

We probably all know the urge for something new or something different in our homes. But what better way to update your home than by creating something unique to your home that no one else has? One DETALE user decided to do just that and created an amazing dining table, using our special paint KABRIC in the lightest colour Linen.

For this dining table, a plywood board was used for the tabletop, while two large cardboard cylinders of 25 cm diameter were used as legs for the table. After lining out the wanted shape of the tabletop with a pencil, the plywood board was cut into an organic shape using a jigsaw. To soften up the edges they were sanded by hand, making them nice and smooth. This user found that the perfect height for her table was going to be 74cm and the best thing about making things yourself is that you can give them exactly the dimensions you prefer. The cylinders were then attached to the underside of the plywood board with angle brackets, and placed on the inside of the cylinders, to make them as invisible as possible. Then the table was ready for the fun part - KABRIC! 

TIP: Apply a primer to your table before beginning the application of KABRIC. That way you ensure the best adhesion possible and that any wood knots or discolouration of the plywood will not show through. 

Did you know that KABRIC is labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel? This makes KABRIC a sustainable product choice, based on an assessment that takes in the entire life cycle of a product, from raw materials through to the final product.


You can apply KABRIC with almost any tool you prefer. Most people choose a filling knife or a paintbrush for larger areas such as a tabletop, but you might prefer to use a different tool, maybe even your hands – that is up to you! Here, a paintbrush was used to create a lively and textured surface for the entire table.  

For furniture, it is usually a good idea to apply a good, strong varnish as extra protection from stains and scratches over time. For this project, our Strongcoat Matt was used, but most matte varnishes for mineral surfaces from your local supplier can be used. We recommend using a super matte varnish, to maintain the matte and fabric-like look of KABRIC, but that is all up to you.