Luxurious countryside kitchen

by Designtales

In the German countryside, (food)-stylist Nora's and photographer Laura's studio is located. A place where they develop and photograph all their gluten-free recipes, then to be posted on their website and blog called ‘Our Food Stories’. 

For this purpose a stylish and photo-friendly surroundings and backdrops is required. So when they decided to do a renovation of their studio-kitchen, they chose to use DETALE KC14 in three different colours on most of the kitchen walls, to create the perfect picturesque surroundings. 

For the main part of the kitchen walls and ceiling, KC14 Ivory was used to create a light environment that exploits the flow of natural light streaming through the kitchen window. They wanted to create very light walls, yet with effect and expression, unlike that of a white paint.

On the wall next to the table, they combined the raw and untouched original wall of the building, with the hazy blue shade of KC14 Mist, creating contrast in both colour and structures.  They decided to cover only the lower half of the wall, leaving the top part raw, leaving them with an original look. For all their photoshoots, they needed to have a background. This was created using KC14 Dusty Jade, as they found this colour especially photogenic for food-photos.