A Mediterranean paradise

With curved forms and a timeless minimalist character, Casa Manuela manages to interconnect design, art, and sustainability in a way that creates a perfect foundation for well-being. 

Form and luxury are the guiding elements in this house, filled with art and experiences. Our textured paint, KABRIC, is used to create tactility and a connection between the spacious rooms and the furniture, something that unites the natural materials and coheres the different rooms in an organic manner.


Bright colour tones, along with strong sunlight, can provide a dazzling light reflection. However, precisely because KABRIC creates unique textured surfaces, the colours Cava and Linen help balance calmness and vitality at the same time. 

Paula Ordovás and her husband have created a house that reflects who they are and the life philosophy they follow. They wish for all visitors to have an authentic stay, where there is time and space to enjoy the surroundings, characterized by balancing light, good art, and a Spanish adventure.

We can certainly understand why Elle, Vogue, and other magazines have written about the house's interior, where DETALE's products truly shine.