Our story

DETALE CPH was founded in 2014 when a couple of passionate entrepreneurs wanted to create a universe of delicate, sensuous surfaces at eye level. The team's vision was to inspire a creative and playful process and to present an opportunity to put your own personal touch on your home. Without having to compromise on aesthetics it was therefore important for DETALE that all products were designed for do-it-yourself people.  

The team quickly discovered that the user-friendly decoration products were not just in demand by consumers, but also in the market for professionals. Minimizing consumption of time and simplifying processes are determining parameters for budgets and deadlines alike when major projects come about.  

DETALE’s very first big project was the renovation of Hotel SP34 back in 2014. At this design hotel in Copenhagen, all rooms were made in KC14 Concrete, while the lobby, cinema, restaurants and conference centre each had their own unique colour. Since then, DETALE has taken part in creating beautiful surroundings all over the world – in the smallest of private homes, the major commercial projects, but mostly everything in between.