8-10 finished m2
1 day
30 Nordic colours | Fabric-like finish | Filling knife or brush
KABRIC is a special paint that unites the functional abilities of the paint with the visual characteristics of the filler.  With KABRIC you will have a matt, fabric-like surface that suggests undefined textiles. With KABRIC we strive to make it easy to create changes in your home, without having to compromise on aesthetics and quality.
5-7 finished m2
2-3 days
35 Nordic colours | Filler + Topcoat | Elegant finish
KC14 is the first Nordic coloured filler with a specially developed Topcoat. KC14 creates beautiful tactile walls that are easy to clean and is maintained the same way you would a gloss 10 paint. KC14 presents as a raw look, transporting your thoughts to rocky and hard materials of nature. Despite this, KC14 presents velvet-smooth and evokes the tactile sense.
8-10 finished m2
1-2 days
12 colours | Metallic finish | Artistic effect
SPACE unites near and far in bringing the mystery close to you. Give your walls an artistic expression and allow yourself to be seduced by the fickle, variable finish. SPACE is a metallic paste that gives velvet-smooth walls with a delicate metallic effect. Not two SPACE walls are the same and that is the charm of it.