KABRIC Floor video guides

Here you will find instructional videos on how to apply KABRIC Floor on even (Prepare) and uneven (Smooth Prepare) surfaces. The videos should be used as a supplement to our written instructions.

KABRIC Floor - Prepare

Prepare is a ready-to-use primer that looks like a white paint. It has been developed specifically for the KABRIC Floor system and the purpose of it is to provide good adhesion with your underlying surface. It is easy to work with, so if your surface allows for it we would always recommend using this primer

KABRIC Floor - Smooth Prepare

Smooth Prepare is an epoxy primer with the ability to level out and stabilise surfaces. Smooth Prepare consists of 3 components of which A and B should always be used. Component C is a Filler that makes the mass thick, enabling it to level out and build the surface. If Smooth Prepare is used without component C the primer will stabilise but not level out the surface.