Shades of grey

Colour inspiration by DETALE CPH

White or grey are often thought of as “safe alternatives” when picking colours for a private home. Without much character and emotion, the colour grey is often associated with being neutral, neither too much nor too little, - the transition between two non-colours.

Cool and balanced, this ‘colourless colour’ can be both relaxing and sophisticated. Whether you are attracted to a cold, warm, or balanced grey, it will look good next to almost all other colours. But how to pick the right shade of grey? Here are a few ideas, that hopefully will help you out. 1) Purpose, 2) Surroundings, 3) Other colours and 4) Your personal space & taste.


What is your idea behind giving your space a change and a new colour? Is it the need for a basic clean-up or are you looking for a totally new style? Try to pin down a few words to the reasoning behind your project, and the feeling you like to create in this space. Are you going for a stimulating space to energize you, or a quieter, and more intimate "Shangri-La"? Sometimes the walls are just dirty and need a “cleanse”, whereas other times we crave for change and some new energy in our surroundings.


Have a look at the surroundings that shall match the new complexion. What colours are your furniture, your floors and curtains? Remember to look at the light too. Do you have a lot of daylight or superficial light in this room?

The other colours

Find the main “other colour” that is standing out in your room. Is this a colour you would like to tone down or illuminate? You can play with matching colours by making conscious decisions.

To create a harmonious space, you definitely want your choice of grey to match “the other colour”. You can dim or fade the “other colour” with one grey tone, based on whether you prefer to highlight matching colours or not. If your “other colour” is grey as well, make sure the gradation of the two greys actually matches or goes tone-in-tone.

Have a look at @detalecph and get inspired by all the beautiful colours and unique projects from around the world. This is the best way to see how the different colours appear, depending on light and surroundings. You can also purchase handmade samples from a local retailer or directly from DETALE CPH.

The most important thing when deciding on a colour is that it must make you feel comfortable. Does it match the purpose you initially had? Does it match that vibe you were looking for?

If you get insecure and linger between one or the other grey tone– give yourself a day or two to make the decision. I know, that in moments where I’m all geared up – I’d probably make more drastic decisions than in my more mellow momentums. Do you connect with that?

No matter what you end up with, don’t forget that you can play with accessories in your surroundings to change the “temperature” as well. Pillows, carpets and candles are easy, and often cheap objects to change. That way, you can balance out the mood of the space, at any given time. Balance is always key – and grey is too perfect for that. It’s hard to go wrong, really.

If you think that grey is just grey, or grey is too dull and boring, have a look through DETALE's grey palette. KC14, KABRIC and EDGE are decór products, which give character to all walls. Creating a sense of calm and composure, you can get lost in the variety of every result. Depending on the technique and creativity of the individual who applies these products, the final result will look different every time.

If you have any questions, you know where to find us hello@detalecph.com.

No matter where your track of thoughts takes you, don’t forget that this is your space and your environment. Trends come and go – but your space has to be right for you - every day. Grey will never be grey with KABRIC or KC14 though. Check it out, you guys!

Siger: Therese Johansen