A historic canal house featured in Architectural Digest

The global entrepreneurs Diipa and Oleg Büller-Khosla have turned their dream of a home in Amsterdam into a reality. This historic canal house has undergone a complete renovation, blending their ancestral cultural heritage with modern design elements and colors, creating a foundation for a contemporary and modern residence. 


As a global Indian influencer and lawyer, Diipa, along with her partner Oleg, a diplomat and CEO of an NGO, has cultivated a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates the realms of work and family. Consequently, this home was intentionally designed for dual functionality, serving as a tranquil retreat for private evenings and an impressive setting for business meetings. 

KC14 Pale Beach was handpicked by the visionary architect Gabriela Soleille, to introduce exclusivity to the lower level of the house. The purpose was to maintain the elevated aesthetic elements that not only align with their renowned brands but also provide tranquility to the most private area of the residence.  

Connecting rooms with different purposes provides continuity and flexibility when the architectural elements remain consistent. The professional business area can easily transition from late-night cocktails to a peaceful dinner and a private sanctuary.