How To

Our products
It is not just the final result that counts, but the process of achieving it as well. At DETALE we appreciate the creative and playful process in which something new is created. We believe that many of you do too. Therefore, our products are well suited for do-it-yourself people. Our products are developed with making the process as easy and user-friendly as possible, as our main focus.

Choice of product
Between our products, there is a difference in the amount of time and processes it takes to achieve a finished result. If you are uncertain of your choice of product, we recommend that you go through the content of this page, to make sure that you choose the product best suited to your needs.

KABRIC is for you, who wants to finish your project in less than one day! KC14 is for you, who has a bit more time. SPACE is for you, who desire results less rustic in appearance and with a hint of glam.

How to
In our written guides you will find information on everything from how to prepare your base and shopping supplies, to a detailed walk-through of all steps. Our videos are a great supplement to our written guides and provide a good sense of how to apply the different application techniques. The videos are available here on our website.  

DETALE products are available in our online boutique.