Urban oasis DIY

A home renovation by Jeppe Bjørnberg 

In an old coach-building workshop in the centre of Copenhagen, lives Jeppe Bjørnberg – a creative soul with a special appreciation for rustic interior and reusable items. He creates and works on all sorts of projects, all under the same headline: “Everything must be creative”

Throughout Jeppe’s life his creativity has gotten a chance to shine through in his work as a painter, in his previous work as a guitar builder, in his work as a car-painter, and of course every day in his own home.

With a special appreciation for reusable items, Jeppe loves to see just how far he can come with recycling. As he points it out himself; the quality of the materials he recycles is often far better than if he were to obtain brand new materials. This especially applies to the reuse of wood with a certain age on its back.

Jeppe’s interest in interior design and DIY came around quite naturally. As a painter, he designed an atelier for his creative work, but whenever people would come into the atelier, they would be impressed by the raw and unpolished style in his interior design. So after having experienced this time and time again, this gave him the drive he needed to make brave decisions in his home interior with nontraditional solutions and elements. 

In doing this, Jeppe then got the chance to unfold his creativity and ideas in his home and interior designing in the same way as he had previously done it on the canvas. With a specific interest in old items with a history, his home has a rustic vintage vibe, a personal favourite for Jeppe.

Finding an old piece of furniture or some old material, and creating an entire space around this one feature, is a way for Jeppe to create a common thread throughout his interior designs. With this approach, Jeppe designed a beautiful, exotic, urban corner in his home, featuring reused floorboards and KC14 Dark Emerald.

“I hadn’t worked with DETALE products before, but I have worked with sand filler so I thought this would be no problem at all. You really just need to feel your way through it, and then you will get the hang of it pretty quickly.”

Says: Jeppe Bjørnberg

Jeppe loves it when colours are a bit daring and takes a little bit of courage to use. Warm and intense colours are therefore at the top of his list of favourites. Among these colours are KABRIC’s intense Cool Cocoa, KC14’s Warm Terracotta and the bold shade of KC14 Burgundy.

Although Jeppe was drawn to several colours and in different product series, KC14’s Dark Emerald was the one that won him over for his living room project.

The reused floorboards were used to create a wood wall panel along the bottom of the wall, while the deep green shade of KC14 embellishes the top part of the wall. The whole space is styled with lots of plants, green colours, and great old wood, creating a natural environment. Therefore, the organic colour Dark Emerald was the perfect colour to match the use of natural materials.

“I believe that nature- and earth colours will stay modern. There’s so much focus on climate changes and recycling, so I think the colours of nature are here to stay. I do however believe they will become more colourful. People are moving away from the grey shades and become braver in their colour-choices, so I think we will be seeing a bit more colour without them being too loud.”

Says: Jeppe Bjørnberg