Homey display houses 

By HHM houses

The Danish construction company HHM specialises in building architect-designed system-built houses, priding themselves on offering higher quality than what is the general standard for these kinds of houses. 

When creating the vibe and the dream that comes with a new home, the surroundings are especially important. These display houses need to feel like a home that one would live in or could imagine themselves living in.

“We completely fell for the amazing opportunities of the colours and structures of DETALE’s products. It was innovative and exciting – Exactly the twist we were looking for, to implement in the design houses.”

Says: Pernille, HHM

These display homes are created for customers to see and experience the possibilities if they decide to buy their own HHM house. To create this homey and dreamy environment in HHM’s display homes, display home developer Pernille, decided on using DETALE products to add both colour and texture to the new-built designer homes.  

“DETALE products gave both us and our customers a new and exciting experience and we quickly decided to build up the interior designing of the houses around the DETALE colours.”

Says: Pernille, HHM

Uninspiring white walls had become the standard for many display- and show homes and using DETALE colours on the walls adds a vibe and a cosiness that helps to create a home and not just a house. This is what helps HHM to differentiate from its competitors and what the customers find to be homey, warm, and inviting – the use of exciting and different colours.

“No matter who walks through the doors to our display homes, they comment on the walls. Everyone just brightens up, whether they would choose the colour for their own home or not, they love the way the colours change the rooms.”

Says: Pernille, HHM