Combined bed- and living room

by Designtales

In the German countryside, just outside Berlin, Designtales by photographer and stylist - Laura and Nora, is based. When they took over the old and abandoned flat, it needed a lot of work in all rooms throughout the apartment.

As they needed a bit more space for all their photo equipment than they had, they decided that the living room should double as a bedroom. This meant having a sofa with soft curves and a matching lounge chair.

To create a cosy space, KC14 Concrete was applied to two walls, creating a zone, more than an open space with different functionalities. The flow of natural light plays beautifully with the variable expression of the grey walls, underlining a calm softness of the space.

The styling of the entire space was done using soft, dusty colours and light oak features, to bring the whole softness of the space together. The use of colours however is done in minimalist style, where not one feature stands out alone, creating perfect unison in the space, for a stress-free environment perfect for retracting and relaxing.