Julia's world of DIY

Creative home renovation and DIY furniture by @julias_verden

Home decoration and DIY-enthusiast Julia lives in the Danish town of Thy, with her three children and husband. She is very passionate about interior design and aims for her home to be one of a kind, with spaces and solutions that no one else has. In creating a unique home, Julia is usually the one to get all the ideas, while her husband is the one to carry them out.

The house creating the frames for all of Julia’s projects has been completely renovated so that the only thing originating from the 1907 house is the exterior walls. The unique home did not just undergo major renovations but also features small DIY projects with customized and unique solutions. 

Three years ago, Julia decided to have 10 walls covered with KC14 in the colour concrete – a lot of walls in a very short amount of time. She never regretted this decision and loves them just as much now, as she did when they were done.

“It gives an eminent vibe in our home, having so many walls that look like they were concrete walls. It creates a cool contrast to all the wood, the white walls and Troldtekt ceilings in our home.”

Says: Julia

During the last couple of months, the upstairs area had undergone renovations, involving floors, panels new furniture and much more. Julia and her husband wanted to build some of the furniture themselves and knew that plain pinewood just wouldn’t do it for them. The thoughts behind Julia’s DIY furniture are that they need to be functional but at the same time beautiful in a way that is different and inviting. 

They were going to be making a big storage box on wheels and a daybed, and as the two pieces were going to be in the same room, they wanted to have them be the same colour – Silver Fox. They also wanted to upcycle an old, generic chest of drawers and as they had lots of greys and smoked brown shades in their space, they decided to go with the brown colour ‘Cool Cocoa’ to match it all.

“I started looking through different options, to find a cool way to paint them, and came across KABRIC – I knew right away that it would give us the characteristic look I was searching for.”

Says: Julia

“I was completely sold when I found out that DETALE had launched a new product, that could be applied to furniture with a paintbrush, giving it a ruffled surface and rustic look.”

Says: Julia

The first piece of furniture to be covered was the daybed. As the wood had lots of knots in it, the daybed was given a primer to make sure the colour differences wouldn’t show through in the end. With the daybed primed and ready, KABRIC was applied by rolling the product on with a paint roller, before using a paintbrush to give it just the right look, using small curved strokes. 

30 minutes of application and 3 hours of drying time and the daybed was ready for the second round of application, repeating the same process. Another 3 hours and the daybed was ready for a layer of matte varnish, to improve the durability needed for furniture, that is worn and used differently than walls usually are.

The same way the "MALM" chest of drawers from IKEA was covered with two layers of KABRIC. The only preparation needed was taking the drawers out, to make it easier to get the product into all the little nooks and corners.

“Working with KABRIC was incredibly simple and you need absolutely no prior experience to achieve a great result. It really is just easy to work with.”

Says: Julia