The Seaside Abode
by Norm Architects

“Boasting all-natural, rich materials, the house gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature while inside the house.”
KC14 Pale Beach
KC14 Pale Beach
Norm Architects have completed an interior renovation in the danish countryside. Scandic-Bohemian feels and barefoot luxury is found in this modernised coastal home in a quiet and secluded corner of Denmark, where Japanese zen aesthetics and danish cottage style charm come together, boasting subtle, nordic luxury and eclectic design elements. Portraying the simple beauty of things related to nature, the sensuous, natural elements play a key role in the interior of the house and the blurred lines between inside and outside.
KC14 Pale Beach is used at walls through out the house to reflect the nearby sandy coastline and blur the lines between inside and outside.
KC14 Pale Beach
KC14 Pale Beach