by architecture-duo Anna and Krzysztof

The architecture-duo Anna and Krzysztof Paszkowski-Thurow are the creatives behind the architectural office ANNA THUROW. The office was established after they spent 4 years in Danish architectural offices, subsequently followed by another 10 years of working with architecture in their hometown of Szczecin.

Gaining experience with numerous high-end individual Clients, the architecture-duo came up with the idea to establish a separate showroom within their bigger, purely “architectural” office in Szczecin. When they were designing their showroom, the architects chose to use DETALE to add the extra dimension they were looking for in their designs. To underline the aesthetics of their architectural style the choice of colour fell on the soft and neutral Pale Beach from our KC14 series.

Right from the start, the prevailing concept was to create a space that would provide a sense of intimacy and comfort, evoking the clients’ imagination about their future interiors and homes, designed by ANNA THUROW’s office as well as showcasing its main interior design highlights.
As ANNA THUROW’s style is underpinned by a subtle play of clean lines and natural materials as well as a love for Nordic interior warmth and order, so is this showroom. Anna and Krzysztof often refer to Oskar Hansen’s saying:
"We’re treating architecture as a background exposing life’s processes, not like most architects, understanding it (architecture) as a thing itself - composed and described”
The choice of Pale Beach was based on a need for a soft and warm colour, still matching the firm’s architectural aesthetics of Nordic minimalism and clean lines. The colour changes in tone along with the lighting during the day, from a warm and sand-like tone in the morning sun, to a colder concrete-looking colour in the middle of the day, becoming warmer again with the afternoon and evening sun.  

You can find KC14 Pale Beach in our online shop here.
All choices of materials were made with attention to detail and elements were carefully executed by local craftsmanship. From the choice of the signature stained-oak lamellas and warm grey monochromatic cabinetry to the fine-tuning of DETALE CPH KC14 application techniques to achieve the desired, three-dimensional look of the 3m tall walls. Altogether, this meticulous approach to the interior designing of their showroom creates a unique space that is both visionary and inspirational.

You can find more of ANNA THUROW’s work and contact information on their website and Instagram page.