Shades of autumn 2020

We love autumn! And what better way to appreciate this beautiful season, than with the most trending shades of autumn 2020?
This year’s shades of autumn – Warm pastels! Yes, Elle Magazine’s designer-approved trends for this autumn are the soft and pale shades, in warm tones. We think our pastel palette matches this autumn trend just perfectly.

With autumn comes the beginning of longer nights and increasing need for a few more warm drinks and cosiness. That’s why this trend excites us a little extra, as it allows you to extend the summer feeling just by a little bit, with colours a bit lighter than we often see them around this time a year.
"Neo Mint is a fresh nuance that unites science and technology in harmony with nature. It has a cool futuristic vibe but also a connection to plants and nature."
The newest Nordic pastel-colour has been announced as the colour of the year 2020 -  Neo Mint. A pastel shade of green, stretching from having a slightly yellow undertone, to being a dusty, hazy shade of pastel green. According to the Danish interior magazine ‘Boligmagasinet’, this colour combines nature and technology in its gender-neutral appearance. Our answer to this trendy pastel is Dusty Jade - a hazy minty shade of KC14.

You can use KC14 in the shade Dusty Jade to create a modern and colourful bathroom with lots of personality. A sophisticated way of adding colour to your home, with a rustic yet smooth surface. This nuance of the trendy Neo Mint is also the perfect choice for a soft look if you are about to design your own gender-neutral kid’s room or nursery.

See how varying lighting gives the same colour a different appearance and tone?
KC14 Dusty Jade by @hhmhuse
KC14 Dusty Jade by @simonehav

Tip: The shine of your wall can be adjusted with the amount of topcoat applied. By adding the topcoat with a microfiber cloth, you can control the application of topcoat and add a little more, or a little less, sporadically across the surface. This helps to create a lively, varying shimmer.
KABRIC Sand by @byyasemin
Another trend within the universe of pastels is moving towards dusty and earthy tones. This way you can add more nature and warmth to your own home and create the perfect surroundings for relaxation and cosiness in style, just like it was done in this private home. This warm tone can be just the addition needed for the slightly cool autumn nights.

In this private living room KABRIC Sand, a natural pastel-like colour has been used for a feature wall. Warm pastel accessories and brass details were added for extra warmth, following the latest 2020 trends. Nordic minimalism, with a bohemian pastel twist. The perfect combination for an autumn-home with light and warmth.
KC14 Beige Berry by @bybeicker
KC14 Beige Berry by @ms_copycat
For a feminine touch, a pastel pink wall is an autumn 2020 hit! With this deep and warm pastel - KC14 Beige Berry, styled with discrete colours, you can easily combine soft pastels and feminine style, for a chic look. When Beige Berry is styled with a few different shades of grey and a cosy, down to earth design style, it can create the perfect surroundings for comfort and relaxation.

In using a more saturated pastel, you can create a bit more warmth in your interior design, very suitable for this season of changing temperatures. A nice touch for a bedroom or living room can also be to drag the colour onto the nearby walls, creating this cocoon-like feeling. There are no limitations but your own fantasy!

Note again how differently the colour presents based on lighting and surroundings.
Nanna Pedersen