The characteristic DETALE look is now available for floors.​

We are happy and proud to present KABRIC Floor – an innovative flooring system uniting strength, high aesthetics and user-friendliness. With the KABRIC Floor system, you can give your floors a new look, with our characteristic lively finish and beautiful Nordic colours. Here, you can get to know the system and become ready for your upcoming floor project. You can also find inspiration on Instagram under the hashtag #kabricfloor​
The system

KABRIC Floor has been developed for professionals and handy DIY’ers alike. The system is built upon two primer options, KABRIC Floor and three varnish options. ​
KABRIC Floor has been developed and tested in collaboration with one of the largest producers of paints in Scandinavia, as well as with leading Nordic flooring specialists. The system has undergone a long process of tests where adhesion, scratch-resistance  and skid resistance, among other things have been optimised. The KABRIC Floor system has been tested on a smaller, controlled scale and in real-life situations and private homes. Based on this, over the past 18 months, we have been working on creating the most optimal flooring system. ​
Choosing the right primer is the foundation for a successful KABRIC Floor project and your foundation determines which primer is best suited for your project. Prepare is for completely even surfaces that do not need to be levelled out. Smooth Prepare is for surfaces that need to be levelled out or surfaces requiring stabilisation. ​

You can read more about the different primer options here.
Smooth Prepare
Tiles: Uneven surfaces such as tiles should be levelled out to an even surface with Smooth Prepare before KABRIC floor is applied. We recommend a 1:1 mix ratio of Smooth Prepare and Smooth Prepare Filler. Be aware that Filler is purchased separately.

: Prepare and Smooth Prepare can both be used on parquet flooring. If you want to be absolutely sure that the parquets flooring is not faintly visible through the final result, Smooth Prepare must be used. As parquet flooring does not need to be levelled out, only stabilised, Smooth Prepare can be used without component C; Filler.

: Prepare and Smooth Prepare can both be used on concrete. We recommend using Prepare if the surface is completely even. If there are any irregularities, Smooth Prepare or a similar primer for filling in can be used before priming the entire area with Prepare.

Linoleum: Prepare and Smooth Prepare can both be used on linoleum. We recommend Prepare if the surface is completely even.

: Prepare and Smooth Prepare can both be used on terrazzo. We recommend Prepare if the surface is completely even without any holes or repairs.

Laminate: Prepare and Smooth Prepare can both be used on laminate. We recommend Prepare if the surface is completely even.
The KABRIC Floor paint itself has been created based on the same principles as KABRIC – although on a flooring technology, to make it strong enough to be suited for floors.  

KABRIC Floor has been developed in 25 of the most popular colours from our KABRIC and KC14 series’. The lightest colours are made with a light base which altogether gives a less lively expression. All other colours are made on a dark base which gives you a more lively look. Do remember that the final look depends much on your application. We recommend you watch our videos before you begin your project. ​

KABRIC Floor colours

KABRIC Floor is available in our online boutique
To protect your KABRIC Floor, the process is finalised by applying a varnish. Here, you can choose between two ready-to-use varnishes, Silk and Matt. We also have a 2-component varnish, Strongcoat Extra, if you prefer an ultra-matte surface. Matt and Silk are the two single-component varnishes, which are the more user-friendly option – developed for the KABRIC Floor system. The more shine a varnish has, the better it will protect your floor surface.

Tip: Take your time to make sure your surface is nice and even with no irregularities, to have the best possible foundation for your choice of varnish. Apply all the varnish that comes with your order to fully cover the floor and make it completely smooth. This will make your floor more washable.
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KABRIC Floor is available in our online boutique​
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