Guestroom with tranquillity
by @nhdotdesign

Nadine is an interior designer and the creative mind behind @nhdotdesign. She has been excited about DETALE’s textured surfaces for a while, and when the EDGE collection launched, she was one of the first in Scandinavia to install this new wallpaper collection in her home.
Nadine, who runs her own interior design business and often juggles between many different styles, wanted the room to be simple and timeless. Therefore, she decided to go with the Modern Moscow M4, a minimalist design. In search of neutral colours, the choice was a taupe / beige colour (depending on the lighting), with swirls that reminded her of the well-known Japanese Zen gardens.

After a year of COVID and guests not visiting as often as before, she decided to put her energy into making a new and welcoming space for when family and friends would be back to visit. Below you find her guide to has upgraded her guest bedroom into a haven for her visiting guests.
A mini-guide for Nadine's installation

The wall must be even, clean, and dry before applying wallpaper, thus old bumps of paint or dust must be removed first.
Tools: Paint roller, paintbrush, Stanley knife and a damp cloth or towel.

Since the EDGE collection is produced in a non-woven quality, there is no need to get frustrated with glue and paper. An adhesive is applied directly onto the wall with a paint roller, and a good idea is to go past the panel edges. Stick the wallpaper onto the wall and smoothen it out to get rid of air bubbles. Then, cut the top against the ceiling with a sharp Stanley knife and do the same on the bottom against the baseboard or floor. A metal filling knife could work as a guide to get the edges clean and straight.

When cutting, make sure to leave 5-10cm on top and bottom – close to panels. That way you can cut a clean line against the ceiling and base- or floorboard.
The next piece of wallpaper should go up right next to the first, “butting up” as it’s called because the wallpaper doesn’t shrink when it dries. When you smoothen out the next panel make sure to wipe off excess glue that can come out between panels. If you don’t, you’ll be able to see the dried glue once it’s all done. Continue this process for the rest of the wall, and voila, your timeless statement wall is done!

Depending on the light colour of the wallpaper changes from a warm beige to a beautiful taupe and the pattern is subtle yet makes a statement. Nadine says “I can’t wait to invite guests to stay here!”

EDGE is available in our online shop here.
“So now that we will have family over it was the perfect time to transform the guest bedroom into a calm and cosy oasis.”
This story was presented by Therese Johansen, DETALE CPH.