EDGE Wallpaper
A classic collection with a distinctive character

At DETALE, we are proud to present our first wallpaper collection, EDGE - a timeless wallpaper collection, with clear imprints from the DETALE DNA. The collection is inspired by the urban lifestyle, the matte colours in nature, added Nordic minimalism. EDGE is a sensuous affair, where tactile effects and texture create simple but distinctive expressions.
The EDGE collection consists of 6 designs, and each design comes in 5 different colours. The harmony in the colours is created by adjusting the background colour and the effect colour, to ensure a balanced and toned-down result for the entire collection. 4 out of 6 EDGE designs have "free matching", which means that the wallpaper webs do not need to be moved or sit in a special way. The two designs that require fitting, are Modern Moscow and Sassy Stockholm. They have what is called an "offset fit", and this means that you must make sure that the pattern fits together, every time you start on a new tape path.

EDGE is available in our online boutique right here.
Timeless colours and texture are at the core of DETALEs domain.  In the development of the EDGE collection, the focus has been on creating a new dimension, which reflects exactly that kind of texture we know from DETALE's other products. The closer you get to the wall, the more vivid is the design’s structure. For that reason, EDGE is from a completely different calibre, than what characterizes a more common wallpaper.

EDGE is available in our online boutique right here.
As with all DETALE's development processes, new production techniques and user-friendliness are in focus when new products emerge. EDGE is produced with Non-Woven quality, which makes it easy to set the wallpaper up and later take it down again. A Non-Woven wallpaper does not absorb the glue, and therefore, does not expand during application, making the process much easier and more enjoyable. With the EDGE collection, you can very easily create something that is both eccentric and timeless at the same time.

Each of the collection’s 30 colours has an abbreviation that can be seen below. Within each design, the colours have numbers from 1-5. For example, colour number 1 in the Cosy Copenhagen design will be abbreviated C1. The abbreviation will be used for hashtags on Instagram to share the colours under. The orange L3 will thereby have the hashtag #EDGEL3. Feel free to share your EDGE wall with us @detalepch  

EDGE is available in our online boutique right here.


Laidback London

Modern Moscow

Pretty Paris

Sassy Stockholm

Timeless Tokyo

Therese Johansen
Market Developer