DIY indoor planters
From basic outdoor planters to bespoke indoor design items

KABRIC is a textured paint with a fabric-like finish and a tactile texture, that can be applied with almost any tool you prefer – and it is even labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, win! That makes KABRIC a great choice for a DIY project like this one. You can read more about the KABRIC series and find all the colours right here.
You might already know that KABRIC can be used on other surfaces than just walls, but have you ever considered turning basic outdoor planters into beautiful, bespoke indoor planters? A DETALE user found that indoor planters could be quite expensive once they reach a certain size and decided to take matters into her own hands and create these amazing, large planters. We love the results!

The outdoor platers were first washed, to remove any dirt and dust, before preparing them for KABRIC. As these outdoor planters had holes in the bottom for water to run through, these were filled out with silicone. To ensure that watering your plants will not leave your floors wet, water glass was applied on the inside of the planters to make them waterproof. Then the planters were ready for the application of KABRIC to begin.
Whenever you apply KABRIC to round or curved objects, it can be a good idea to use a paintbrush instead of a filling knife, but you can apply KABRIC with almost any tool you prefer, even your hands. Using a paintbrush, two layers of KABRIC were applied to the planters, leaving them to dry in between layers and that’s it – they were done!

If you would like to give your planters a little extra protection, a matte varnish for mineral surfaces can be applied after the final layer of KABRIC is dry. We think that a super matte varnish is best for preserving the lively and tactile look of KABRIC without adding shine to it, but you can do it however you prefer – That is the beauty of KABRIC.

KABRIC is available in our online shop.

Nanna Pedersen