Colours of Christmas
Photographs by Designtales

Christmas is a time for traditions, for families and friends to come together, and to share moments. For a lot of people all over the world however, this year’s Christmas might be a little different than the ones we know and love. Even more reason to focus on the surroundings framing your Christmas and time for doing something good for yourself and your home.  

The stylist and photographer-duo behind Designtales worked with ZARA Home to style 12 different table settings, using some of our favourite colours to create just the right look.  The results – beautiful and inviting settings urging you to come closer, to join the dinner party in the spirit of Christmas. In special times like these, a little extra can mean a lot.
Warmth and comfort is a highlight for this holiday season and creating colourful and inspiring surroundings for yourself can set the perfect scene. Each of the different wall colours and table settings create a very different vibe and universe – the magic of colours. You can create intimate surroundings with a saturated yet dusty colour such as Dark Plum, or the soft Vintage blue. You can also invite the feeling of nature inside, by using the greenish shade of Moss or the medium-dark grey Cold Steel – All from the KC14 series that gives you a lively and chatoyant wall, with a velvet-soft finish.

Nanna Pedersen